Resume Writing from Scratch for Sr. Management and Executive Roles

Service Description & Pricing

The Complete Resume Writing Service is aimed at opening doors for you to your next senior management/executive position or a new career opportunity by increasing the volume of interview requests to your new resume. Our resume writing experts work with you one-on-one to develop the strategy, content and structure of your resume to ensure that the outcome is a compelling resume that sets you apart from the rest and gets you hired.

Strategic Resume Writing – Our 3-Step Process

Step 1 – Initial Client Consultation and Resume Needs Assessment

  • Consult with you to identify your target profession/industry and career objective(s)
  • Identify your most relevant successes, competencies, achievements and personal characteristics
  • Evaluate the position or opportunity you are applying for including required competencies and successes needed to perform the role successfully
  • Review your performance appraisals (KPIs, Scorecards, etc.) and other related business and educational documentation to identify relevant information for your resume

Step 2 – Resume Strategy and Development

  • Develop the resume strategy – what to include, what not to include so as to maximize your strengths and minimize any weaknesses
  • Identify the most suitable resume format, structure and marketing techniques
  • Conduct additional research to obtain profession/industry or job specific market intelligence
  • Develop the contents for your resume – key responsibilities, accomplishments, areas of expertise and strengths using job specific key words and competency-based phrases
  • Team review of your draft resume to ensure that your resume effectively link your competencies, accomplishments and successes to your target profession and employers’ job competency requirements

Step 3 – Client Resume Review and Approval

  • Review the resume one-on-one with you to ensure that the resume successfully targets your objectives and is supportive of your career goals
  • Ensure that the resume accurately portrays your experience and effectively demonstrates what tangible benefits you can bring to the table
  • Make any changes to meet your needs and prepare the final resume for your approval
  • Discuss how you can utilize your new resume to effectively sell yourself at the interview to get the job

Resume Service Includes

  • Initial and Follow Up Consultations
  • Your Review and Final Approval of Your Resume
  • Five Master Copies of Your Resume on High Quality Paper (Office Pick-Up Only)
  • Microsoft Word Version of Your Resume on CD (Office Pick-Up Only)
  • Lifetime Storage of Your Resume

Our Fees

Pricing for Senior Management and Executive Resumes

Resume Writing Service From Scratch or Re-Development/Complete Re-Write $1495
Resume Editing Service - Rewording and Enhancing of Your Existing Resume $995
Resume Formatting Service $250


Pricing for Mid-Mgmt., Technical and Supervisory Level Resumes

Please note that all prices are subjected to an in-office evaluation or telephone review of the work to be done. In any such case where there is a price difference; you will be notified ahead of time, before any work begins, to ensure your approval.


“After reading that cover letter I am truly impressed and will refer you to all friends and family.”

-Allen J.


“Thanks Joseph!! Looks amazing!”

-Franca C.


“Just wanted to let you know that my resume & cover letter were very effective. I had my first interview and am scheduled to meet again for a second interview.”

-Michelle G.